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Site Updated to Acquia Drupal

Seeing how Drupal consulting is about 90% of my business, I figured it would be a good idea to upgrade to not only the latest version of Drupal, but the first commercially supported version - Acquia Drupal. While most of my clients are still focused on 5.x, I have begun recommending to new clients that they use 6.x and consider using Acquia's support services.

Previous to the upgrade, this site was running Drupal 5.5. The update process actually went fairly smoothly - no more difficult than any other "major" Drupal upgrade. Since I use a manageable number of contributed modules that aren't part of the Acquia Drupal distribution (subscriptions, fasttoggle, global redirect, google analytics, image, meta tags, page title, persistent login, smtp, and xml sitemap) with no custom code, there weren't a whole lot of tedious steps to take other than what is recommended.

Since Acquia Drupal ships with a number of contributed modules, I decided to replace some of the modules I was using in 5.x with the Acquia-supported ones. I dropped Recapchta in favor of Mollom. I'll also be dropping the Image module in favor of its CCK equivalent.

I did run into a couple of issues. First, for some reason, I lost both the uid=0 (anonymous) and uid=1 (main admin) users from the "users" table. I'm pretty sure this was due to my particular server and file transfer situation, but it had me scratching my head for a bit before I tracked it down.

Second, I had to re-create a couple of views since I was going from Views 1 to Views 2. As the author of views writes in the release notes, "The upgrade path from Views 1 to Views 2 is rather painful."

Overall, I was quite pleased with the upgrade. I'll be posting a follow-up to this article in a month or so once I've had some time to fully understand and test-drive Acquia's network and support services.

Submitted by michael on Mon, 10/20/2008 - 11:21am
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ok to upgrade directly from d5 to Aquia Drupal

no need to upgrade from d5 to d6 first. Acquia Drupal is just the current release of drupal 6, with some popular contributed modules included. There's a lot of good info on upgrading, both from d5 to AD and from d6 to AD, in Acquia's Getting Started Guide, available at


I went straight from 5.5 to Acquia Drupal.



Did you upgrade directly from Drupal 5.5 to Drupal Acquia, or did you first upgrade to Drupal 6.5 and then to Acquia?