Skip to: Site menu | Main content Contracts with Anello Consulting to Improve Web Site, a leading social-networking sites for pets and their owners recently contracted with Michael Anello to assist in their effort to update their web site. Michael was hired to assist in migrating the site to a more recent version of the Drupal content management system as well as to provide enhancements that will allow the site to more easily utilize additional features of Drupal.

Petentials, Inc. is an Orlando-based company founded by sociologist/filmmaker, Darren McDaniel, and his merry-banded co-directors: Kia and Michael Misowitz.'s mission is to become the premier online community for pets and pet enthusiasts. The site allows users to submit profiles for each of their pets and allows each pet to submit blog posts, ask questions in a forum, look for pet "dates", upload photos and video, and get caught-up on recent pet news.

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