Skip to: Site menu | Main content Partners with Anello Consulting To Expand, Improve Web Site logo, an online medical knowledge exchange exclusively for physicians, has worked closely with Anello Consulting, an expert in Drupal CMS development to add several new features to its web site as well as to assist in migrating the site to a current version of the Drupal content management system.

Among the tasks completed to date, Anello Consulting has worked with the Ozmosis development team to implement a robust "Groups" area, where physicians can create and join common-interest groups. Also, Anello Consulting has helped to improve the user registration system creating the world's first fully automated, physician identity verification system. Before physicians can join Ozmosis, the system verifies their medical credentials and then authenticates their online identity, all in real-time. provides a secure, "trusted environment" where physicians can learn from one another. Physicians can post case studies, questions, and "OzMarks" - a citation to another online information source that might be of interest to others. In addition, provides a full social-networking system so that as a physician's trusted network grows on Ozmosis, so do their sources for trusted clinical and practice management information. is a Vienna, Virginia based company led by Joel Selzer and Jason Bhan, M.D.

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