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Drupal Training

Anello Consulting Expertise Tapped for Aerospace Workforce Retraining

Brevard Workforce, the agency coordinating state and federal programs to help mitigate layoffs in Florida due to Shuttle retirement, is partnering with Anello Consulting to present the Drupal Career Starter Program for aerospace workers seeking new, stable careers. Presented by Drupal expert Michael Anello, the 10 week course and follow-on internship program is designed to give IT-savvy members of the workforce skills and practical experience in Drupal.

The growing adoption of the Drupal Content Management System among government and commercial organizations has led to tremendous opportunities for those with Drupal skills seeking stable full-time, part-time and contracting positions, especially in virtual working environments.

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Drupal Career Starter Program - Summer 2013

Applications for the 2013 Summer session of the DrupalEasy Academy Drupal Career Starter Program are now being accepted!   The 10 week intensive course includes classroom, labwork and independent hands-on projects designed for people with a knack for IT that are seeking a quick start and a clear path toward new, stable careers in open source technology.  Applications are due no later than June 10, 2013. This session begins the week of July 8.

The Drupal Career Starter Program puts participants on a shortened path to becoming well-compensated professionals in Drupal, one of the fastest growing content management systems in the world.  The Drupal CMS runs millions of the world's web sites, including 30% of all US federal government sites.  It is being adopted at a breakneck pace, leading to incredible demand for talent that is expected to grow for years to come.

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Who Should Apply for the Drupal Career Starter Program?


If you are considering a career in Drupal, you should:

  1. Seek a career that provides less traditional work environments
  2. Want a career built on self-motivated learning and career development
  3. Wish to create modern web sites using an open-source content management system
  4. Be willing to immerse yourself in training and learning
  5. Look forward to truly participating in an open-source community
  6. Have the desire to become an independent software consultant or contractor
  7. Exhibit strong communication skills (email, chat, video conferences, etc..)

Workforce Assistance/Eligibility

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What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open-source, modular content management system (CMS) that comes with many tools to help organize, structure, find and re-use content on web sites and other applications. Open source software is not copyrighted (although it is licensed,) so anyone can download the source code, study it, change it and improve it. Open Source Software is known to build power through the collaborative manner in which it is developed.

Drupal offers a very sophisticated programming interface for developers, however no programming skills are required for installing and administering basic web sites. It runs on any computing platform that supports both a web server capable of running PHP and one of several database engines to store content and settings.

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