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IKEA Prefers XP

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Submitted by michael on Tue, 02/05/2008 - 4:34pm
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Infected by Internet Explorer's Peek-a-boo Bug

Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) is well known for its quirkiness - so much so that some HTML/CSS pros derive a good portion of thier income from helping other designers figure out how to work around its bugs.

A number of IE6's bugs have even been given cute little names to help offset the often violent reaction that developers have when they come across them. There's the "double border", the "3-pixel gap", the "guillotine", and the topic of this post - the "peek-a-boo" bug.

Submitted by michael on Thu, 01/31/2008 - 9:35pm
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Drupal Block Within a Block

I recently came across an issue where I needed to figure out how to place a block-within-a-block on a Drupal site. The client was using a custom block to pull a random view from the database using a simple PHP script in the block body. The script was a rudimentary if-then statement that generated a random number then pulled a view based on it.

My task was to integrate a block with the pool of possible random views. Turns out it is pretty simple. In the block body (be sure you're using the PHP input format), to grab a view, you use this:

print views_view_page('view_name');

To modify this to pull a block, I used this:

Submitted by michael on Wed, 01/16/2008 - 10:32am
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New Drupal Module: DynoSearcho

I recently released the initial development version of a new Drupal module, DynoSearcho to the Drupal community.

The module allows site administrators to set up various DynoSearcho blocks on their site that allow their users to quickly find content using AJAX-like (AHAH, actually) functionality.

Each DynoSearcho block and be independently configured to search a particular node type (or multiple types) as well as the menu system. Furthermore, when searching for Organic Groups, the module will return additional descriptive information about the group. DynoSearcho is highly customizable from the block configuration page.

Thanks to Ozmosis for sponsoring this module.

Submitted by michael on Wed, 12/05/2007 - 3:34pm
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New Drupal Module: OG Invite Restrict

Invite page with OG Invite Restrict active.

I just committed the initial development version of a Drupal module I recently created for a client. The module, OG Invite Restrict, allows a site administrator to restrict thier users' ability to invite people to groups to only current users.

Normally, the organic groups' (OG) invite functionality allows users to enter both usernames and email addresses on the invite form. In some cases, a site administrator may want to limit entry to only current users.

The module not only restricts the form to only usernames, it also adds autocomplete to the username field.

Thanks to Ozmosis for sponsoring development of this module.

Submitted by michael on Wed, 12/05/2007 - 3:13pm
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