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Drupal as a Workforce Program - Status Report

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The workshop portion of the Drupal Career Starter Program wrapped up in mid-December, just in time for participants to catch their breath and enjoy the holidays before embarking on the second phase of the DCSP. 15 of the 18 students are currently beginning internships with organizations around the United States in an effort to further their education and training to the point where they can begin careers in Drupal.

Conception and Funding

Anello Consulting (parent company of DrupalEasy) conceived, designed, and implemented the DCSP as a way to help Brevard County, Florida (home of NASA's Kennedy Space Center) retain some of the over 7,000 skilled workers who lost their jobs as part of the retirement of the Space Shuttle program. Brevard Workforce funded the program and has been a fantastic supporter and champion of it. 

"Well paying jobs are available now, and growing fast in areas of ICT that may not be familiar to the general population, nor have formal certifications," said Lisa Rice, president of Brevard Workforce. "The data on the growth of Drupal, and the tremendous opportunity for those people who learn the software and gain experience convinced us we have to step outside the box a bit so we can offer our workforce, fast turnaround programs that provide well-paying options quickly" (See the complete Brevard Workforce news release).

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Drupal as a Workforce Program - Midterm Report 1

Just about a month ago, the pilot edition of the Drupal Career Starter Program (DSCP) began with eighteen students eager to dive into Drupal.

We're in the middle of the fourth (of ten) weeks and we're just finishing up the core concepts portion of the course - where we covered users, content types, and taxonomy - and gearing up for the next few weeks which will focus on Views, module development, and theming.

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Drupal As A Workforce Program

Anello Consulting is proud to announce the start of the first session of our Drupal Career Starter Program (DCSP). This Drupal training and internship program is designed to teach the basics of Drupal, including a strong foundation on community involvement and practical experience.

The DCSP kicks off on October 4 on Florida’s Space Coast to give laid-off IT-savvy Space Shuttle workers an opportunity at new careers. Brevard Workforce, the local workforce development board funded by the state of Florida, is using federal grant funds to provide scholarships, and potentially paid internships, for the 19 carefully selected participants. The goal is to keep these skilled workers in the area while expanding their skills from the shrinking aerospace industry to self-guided, opportunity-rich careers in Drupal.

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Michael Anello Now Blogging and Podcasting at

Michael Anello is now posting Drupal-related content at

DrupalEasy provides Drupal training, consulting, and media (articles, videos, and podcasts) through various workshops, projects, and its web site, It was founded by Ryan Price and Michael Anello as a way to combine their talents on a variety of Drupal-related projects and collaborating on supporting the Drupal Community.

Michael is also one of the hosts of the DrupalEasy Podcast (available in iTunes), now in its second year, is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to discussing current news and talking with influential people in the Drupal community.

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I've been heads-down for the past 4+ months working with Bonnier in an effort to migrate and to Drupal 5. I'm proud to say that earlier this week, both sites went live! In case you're not familiar with Bonnier, they're also the parent company of Popular Science, a well-known Drupal site.

As a contractor to the development team, I took part in adding new and expanding existing features to the sites. The previous incarnation of both sites was based on a proprietary content management system that had reached its limits.

The two sites have virtually the same feature set, but each one has their own custom theme and vocabularies (and not just in the Drupal-ese meaning of the word!) Therefore, most of the work we did had to be written in a generic enough way to work in both places.

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